What if my organization is reliant on Nortel’s Business Communication Manager ?

comtech ip solutionsNortel finalized termination of operations in the year 2009 and Avaya stepped in to purchase its equipment line. Assets from Nortel’s enterprise voice and data business units that were on the verge of bankruptcy were put up for auction. Avaya went for a $900 million USD bid and won the bid in September 2009. By July, Avaya announced about signing of agreements to purchase the enterprise solutions business for $275 million USD, as a measure to strengthen its foothold in the global business communications vertical.


To support its goal of penetrating the competitive market, Avaya bought equipment supporting data switching and unified communications. These purchases gave Avaya a lead in the market share over market giants including Siemens and Cisco.


What’s Next…?


A replacement will soon be available if your organization is dependent on Nortel’s Business Communication Manager. Avaya has planned for a collaborative communications system that is scalable to accommodate businesses as they grow. The unified communications solution is extremely supportive of a mobile workforce; supporting up to 32 network locations. The entire team can collaborate using any device that is available to them. Laptops and tablets, as well as smart phones and home and office phones are supported by IP Office.


Some of the other features of the system include:


  • Server Edition allows IP Office to support up to 1,000 users.
  • On standard product, 600 users are allowed.
  • 125 SIP trunks
  • 4 T1’s/PRI’s
  • The system can support a combination of IP, digital, analog, and SIP technology, allowing enterprises to deploy hybrid systems.
  • It can be used with other data networking products from Avaya so users can get the most out of security, management, and support tools.


All of Avaya’s networking and communications products will be compatible with the new IP Office and will ensure plug-and-play functionality for the organization. The office and user will have access to critical business applications through a single interface. Avaya has multiple phone platforms along with video and conferencing solutions which can be easily integrated into any enterprise.

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