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Benefits of Toshiba’s IPedge VoIP Telephone Systems for Businesses

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Communication technologies have been revolutionized with new tools and gadgets being introduced every day. It is indeed a very interesting period where we are getting an opportunity to use these gadgets that are literally redefining the concept of communication. The consumer markets as well as businesses across the world are being positively affected by the advanced mode of communication. More and more businesses are choosing the latest communication tools and gadgets to improve their business communication and productivity. IP Communications are the recent addition to the market and entrepreneurs simply love the way it has eased business communication process. (more…)

How to improve business telephony system while saving on the cost?

Sunday, July 20th, 2014

As far as the business telephony system is concerned, business owners primarily look for a cost-effective solution that can streamline the communication requisites. The sole intent is to opt for a flexible telephony solution that is easy to use and goes light on the pocket. This is where the IP telephone, specifically cloud-based or hosted telephony system scores over the traditional telephony set-up. Cloud based or hosted telephony solutions can streamline business communication and bring in effectiveness while boosting its efficiency.

Business telephone systems

Business Telephone Systems