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Entering maintenance menu of Nortel IP phones

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

When you are working with Nortel IP telephones for use with compatible VOIP enabled Nortel platforms the first thing that must be done is to get into the maintenance mode of the phone in order to establish the correct settings for the phone to connect to your system. This is generally done when you power the phone the first time because the button sequence to enter maintenance must be entered during a specific section of the boot process. There are times, however, when you will need to get back into the maintenance settings in order to change or optimize the functionality of the phone, and though you can power the phone down and up by disconnecting/reconnecting the power supply, it is easier and faster to do it with the re-boot button sequence.

The Nortel IP telephone Re-boot sequence is: MUTE, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP, MUTE, 9, RELEASE.

Changing the time on a Norstar Phone System

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

How to change the time on their Norstar Phone System.  The instructions are very easy and written below.

The programming needs to be done from a Norstar T7316E, Norstar M7310 or Norstar M7324.  If you require any of these phones has them all in stock.

To get into programming please do the following:

  1. Locate the  Feature Button (or Button with the Nortel Logo)
  2. Press Feature **266344 (The Star button is under the 7)
  3. The display will ask for a password.  Enter 23456
  4. You will see Terminals and Sets and two button on the right side of the phone will have lit up.  A button on the left will also have lit up.
  5. The top button on the right that has lit up is going to be labelled as SHOW.
  6. The second button on the right that has lit up is going to be labelled NEXT.
  7. When you see
  8. Press Next 5 times. (Top right button 5 times)
  9. Press SHOW. (Second right button once)
  10. When you see “Hour”, press “Change” on the display
  11. Type in the hour using military time as a 2 digit number.
  12. Press “NEXT”.
  13. When you see “Minutes”, press “Change”
  14. Type in the minutes using a 2 digit number.

That should allow you to change the Time on your Norstar Phone System.

Programming Night Service on a Nortel CICS and Nortel MICS Phone System

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

To immediately redirect calls to the Call Pilot automated attendant, or to an alternate extension,  manually program  a ringing services button on the attendant set. When the button is pressed, the lines will be redirected. Press the button again and they return to normal service.

First you will need to create a ringing group, assign the ringing service to manual control, and assign the attendant extension location to be the control set.

1.    Press feature 985, Write down the extension shown. This is the first port of your voicemail. (for an alternate extension or hunt group, substitute the appropriate DN)

2.    Enter configuration programming in your system

3.    Your display will read TERMINALS & SETS, Press Next until it reads SERVICES

4.    Press Show, The display will read RINGING SERVICES, press Show, The display will read RINGING GROUP.

5.    Enter 001 for the Ringing Group, press Show.

6.    At the SHOW SET prompt, press the SCAN soft key. Extension 221 is assigned to every group by default. UNASSIGN extension 221.

7.    Press Find. At the SHOW SET prompt enter the extension designation which you wrote down at step 1. This is the ONLY extension that should be assigned.

8.    Press Heading until your display reads RINGING GROUP. Press next, your display will read SCHEDULE:NIGHT. Press Show.

9.    Service is defaulted to OFF. Change this setting to MANUAL.

10.    Press Next to confirm that TRUNK ANSWER is at the default setting of YES.

11.    Press Heading until you have returned to SERVICES, press Show, the display will read RINGING SERVICES, press Next until you see COMMON SETTINGS. Press Show.

12.    The display will read CONTROL SETS, press Show, the display will read FOR LINES. Press Show.

13.    Change the control set for every line that you want to be redirected to the main attendant set. This set is where you will program the ringing services button.

14.    Press Release.

15.    Go to the attendant set and press Feature * 3. Press an available button and assign Feature 871. This is now the Ringing Services button.

Norstar M7310 $40.50

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

At Comtechphones we are always checking our prices to be very competitive.  One of our top sellers is the Norstar M7310 Phone which was Nortel Networks flagship phone for the Norstar line.  The Nortel M7310 has been discontinued but at Comtech we always have them in stock.

We currently have a special discount for the Norstar M7310.

When you buy 1o or more phones you get a 10% Discount on the price.  This brings the price of the M7310 phone to $40.50.

Below is a list of features of the Norstar M7310.

The Norstar M7310 phones, Model # NT8B20AE-03, NT8B20AE-35, NT8B20-93 have 10 programmable buttons and 24 Speed dial, direct dial buttons.

Norstar M7310 Phone

Norstar M7310 Phone $40.50

  • The 24 Speed Dial buttons are above the display as you can see on the picture.
  • The Norstar M7310 has a 2 line display with three buttons under need the display that are used for special functions such as voice mail or Caller Information.
  • The display will show Caller ID information if you have Caller ID on the system.
  • The Nortel M7310 has a speaker phone built into the phone.
  • It is support on all Norstar Systems and BCM Systems.

More information on the phone can be read from the Norstar M7310 User Guide.