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Hands of VOIP Phones in your Business systems

Tuesday, December 19th, 2017

One of the most crucial tasks while setting your new business is equipping your office with all the necessary tools and technology. Ensuring a safe, secure, and reliable phone access is critical for any business’s successful functioning. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is the upgraded and advanced version of our old phone lines which warrant cost-effective connections that are proficient and consistent. VoIP phones utilize your internet connection to convert your voice data into digital data.

VoIP has earned quite a reputation in helping businesses grow and prosper. Here is how your VoIP phone can help you in your business.VOIP phones

Saving Money– VoIP phones are significantly cheaper than the normal phones. Whether you are a multinational business mogul or a small independent business owner, making phone calls, national as well as international is mandatory. VoIP facilitates long distance and international calls at impossibly lower rates to that you save more money.

Allows mobility – It not only lowers the cost by using the internet but also allows users to integrate essential software programs to increase productivity. You can utilize services like e-mail, e-fax, conference calls, and more while you are using your business system phones. Moreover, mobility is so much more easy and flexible when you can take your adapter wherever you go and continue working on your phone.

Easier installation and maintenance

IP phones are simpler to install and does not need any additional expertise or training. There is no hardware to confuse you so you can easily install, configure, and maintain your used business phones.

Improved productivity– VoIP phones are multi-functional; they allow you to conduct various other tasks like accessing files, agendas, calendar, and more while you stay on your call. You can avail video conferring and conference calls to talk to your team that is in a different state or country and increase your company’s productivity.

Flexible call management– Wherever you might be, VoIP or IP phones allow you to stay connected to your clients. The chances of missing an important call just because you are at home or on a vacation diminish as you can utilize its service despite any geographical restrictions.

Software and data integration– Since VoIP or IP phones including Comtech phones and more utilize the internet as their basis for data transfer, your business can easily integrate it with several different types of communicative applications. For example. Caller ID allows you to identify your customers and treat them accordingly.

VoIP Phones are one of the vital parts of any business organisation and their contribution is significant and quite effective. With your VoIP phone system, your company can have its virtual business presence in any desired area.

Introducing the Avaya 9508

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Avaya 9508 Digital Phone 700500207 .

The Avaya 9508 Digital Deskphone provides excellent service to all different sized businesses that help companies be organized and function properly. Both Avaya 9500 and Avaya 9600 are developed to look alike, but different in certain aspects. The Avaya 9500 is known for adding digital endpoints to existing portfolios. The Avaya 9508 has a functional design, clear sound and many more features linked to the phone.

The New Avaya 9508 Digital Phone.

Here are some main components:

  • The Avaya 9508 is a very easy to use phone with only 8 programmable feature buttons that allow you access to three sections (levels) of display for a total of 24 button positions. Each of the buttons has a dual red-green LED which allows it to display it own footage.
  • In addition to the programmable buttons the Avaya 9508 also has 10 standard button which are fixed feature keys for common tasks such as contacts, history, message, speaker etc.
  • Avaya has a feature of a two-way speakerphone that function perfectly with any desired volume size.
  • The 9508 provides a headset jack that has both wired and wireless supply.
  • This phone can provide 8 lines with the total amount of 32 character display functions. Avaya 9508 has white backlit vision keys to easily access all the selected buttons.
  • The 4 way cluster has a circular feature that enables to press up down or across. When finished, hit OK. Above the cluster, we have 4 soft key components that allow you to make it easily speed up operations. has the Avaya 9508 Brand new in stock @ $189.00.

For further information please call (800) 742-9126.