Programming Night Service on a Nortel CICS and Nortel MICS Phone System

To immediately redirect calls to the Call Pilot automated attendant, or to an alternate extension,  manually program  a ringing services button on the attendant set. When the button is pressed, the lines will be redirected. Press the button again and they return to normal service.

First you will need to create a ringing group, assign the ringing service to manual control, and assign the attendant extension location to be the control set.

1.    Press feature 985, Write down the extension shown. This is the first port of your voicemail. (for an alternate extension or hunt group, substitute the appropriate DN)

2.    Enter configuration programming in your system

3.    Your display will read TERMINALS & SETS, Press Next until it reads SERVICES

4.    Press Show, The display will read RINGING SERVICES, press Show, The display will read RINGING GROUP.

5.    Enter 001 for the Ringing Group, press Show.

6.    At the SHOW SET prompt, press the SCAN soft key. Extension 221 is assigned to every group by default. UNASSIGN extension 221.

7.    Press Find. At the SHOW SET prompt enter the extension designation which you wrote down at step 1. This is the ONLY extension that should be assigned.

8.    Press Heading until your display reads RINGING GROUP. Press next, your display will read SCHEDULE:NIGHT. Press Show.

9.    Service is defaulted to OFF. Change this setting to MANUAL.

10.    Press Next to confirm that TRUNK ANSWER is at the default setting of YES.

11.    Press Heading until you have returned to SERVICES, press Show, the display will read RINGING SERVICES, press Next until you see COMMON SETTINGS. Press Show.

12.    The display will read CONTROL SETS, press Show, the display will read FOR LINES. Press Show.

13.    Change the control set for every line that you want to be redirected to the main attendant set. This set is where you will program the ringing services button.

14.    Press Release.

15.    Go to the attendant set and press Feature * 3. Press an available button and assign Feature 871. This is now the Ringing Services button.

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