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Buying Phone Equipment

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Comtechphones is always looking to buy your old phone system.  Via our sister site we process requests for buying old phone system.  If  you company has recently upgraded their phone system don’t throw the old system away.  Recycle the system by selling it to Comtechphones.  We refurbish the equipment and resell it to customer thereby increasing the life of the product.

If you have a list you would like us to bid on please email it via this form.

Changing the Time on Avaya Partner Phone Systems

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Every time Daylight Savings starts or ends we get a lot of people asking us how to change the time on their Partner Phone Systems.  The instructions are very easy and written below.

On the Partner System all programming has to be done from Extension # 10. This is usually the receptionist extension.  Please check the display to make sure that the extension states 10.  If you require a display phone such as the Avaya Partner 18 Display they can be purchased over here.

  1. With the handset on the cradle do the following.
  2. Press the FEATURE button
  3. Enter 00 (Zero, Zero) to get into programming
  4. Press the left intercom key twice. (2 times)
  5. Enter #103 (The # key is located under the 9 key)
  6. Enter the time in a 24 hour format.  HHMM where HH is hours and MM is minutes. (Example 1025 would be 10:25 AM)
  7. Press the FEATURE button
  8. Enter 00 (zero,zero)

The new time will show on your phone system.

If you need any Partner equipment Comtech has them all in stock.

Cisco IP Phone Repair

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

CISCO Phone Repair

Comtech has an in-house repair department that has factory certified technician who do board level repair on phone equipment. All repaired phones + equipment carry a full One year warranty against any repaired defect and come back fully refurbished.

Recently Comtech started repairing Cisco phones.  We repair the entire line of Cisco phones.

All Cisco phones are repaied in-house.  Our repair cost covers all aspects of the phone repair except the LCD screen.  If the LCD screen is damaged we charge an additional $65.00 for the LCD repair.

When you send in a Cisco Phone for repair the phone is put through a three step process.

1. Our Technician diagnose the problems on the phone and set about repairing the phone.

2. The entire phone is taken apart for cleaning so that we can make sure that we return it back to you looking like new.

3. The re-assembled phone is tested again to back up our One year warranty.

All repaired Cisco Phones are returned with new cords.

Handsets can be added if missing at a nominal charge of $10.00.

All repaired phones carry a One Year Warranty.

To send in a repair please download a repair packing list at and ship the phones to

Comtech Repair

1628 130th Ave NE

Bellevue, WA 98005

If there are any questions I can be reached @ (800)742-9126 or via  Email

Welcome to our Website

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Welcome to our new website.  The website has been redesigned from the ground up and has lots of new features. We aim to constantly improve our website and look forward to providing more information to our customers on the web.

Some of the new changes that you can see are as follows.

New Shopping cart with features that include

1. Wish Lists

2. The Ability to ship to different addresses

3. Better account control

Also on our website there are several products now that have discounts listed.  For instance on the T7316E Phones if you buy 5 or more phones you get an automatic 5% discount.  This has been implemented for several products.

Customers will also have the ability to chat with Comtechphones CSRs during business hours.  Just click on the Live Support button.

Also there will be lots of tips on systems and phones listed on our blogs.  Email if you have any questions or would like any specific solutions.