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Norstar callpilot 100/150 Data BACKUP & RESTORE

Friday, May 28th, 2010

The Norstar CallPilot Voice Mail has a utility that allows you to back up Voicemail Data.

It’s always a good idea to back up your Phone systems data and/or voice mail data and configuration periodically, no matter what type of  system you are using. The following is a quick description on how to backup/restore a Norstar Callpilot.

To run the BACKUP/RESTORE utility on a Norstar callpilot 100/150

  1. Install backup restore utility onto your computer desktop from Norstar callpilot CD.
  2. Connect to callpilot using crossover cable to the Ethernet port.
  3. The default IP address of a callpilot is
  4. Make sure that the IP range of your computer/laptop is compatible with the IP range of the callpilot.
  5. Initialize Internet Explorer and type the IP address of your callpilot into the URL field. The callpilot interface should come up with a prompt for the password (the second part of your SM login)
  6. Enter the SM password.
  7. The main callpilot interface menu will come up. Click on OPERATIONS
  8. Click on BACKUP/RESTORE
  9. A screen will open explaining that the callpilot will be placed in a special mode. Click CONTINUE
  10. A new window will open, click CLOSE
  11. Internet Explorer will close. Initialize callpilot BACKUP/RESTORE tool that you installed onto your desktop in step 1.
  12. Set the tool for BACKUP, and input a file name for the backup.
  13. Run the utility

Your Nortel callpilot Voicemail information is backed up and can be restored to the unit the same way, just change the settings in step 12 to RESTORE.

Buying Phone Equipment

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Comtechphones is always looking to buy your old phone system.  Via our sister site we process requests for buying old phone system.  If  you company has recently upgraded their phone system don’t throw the old system away.  Recycle the system by selling it to Comtechphones.  We refurbish the equipment and resell it to customer thereby increasing the life of the product.

If you have a list you would like us to bid on please email it via this form.

Norstar Flash Talk – Resetting the Database

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

On the Norstar Flash Talk Voice mail, when you go to reset the database there a couple of things you need to be aware of.


To reset the database.

Feature 983.
Press 1
It will ask for a password. Type the reinstall password (If you don’t have this password please feel free to give us a call, or email

Once the Norstar flash talk has rebooted which will take about 15 minutes you will not be able to get in with Feature 983 anymore.

1. You will have to do Feature 903 which will assign the feature codes.
2. Now you can do a Feature 983 and use the Norstar system config password to initialize the voice mail.
3. Please be aware if the voice mail asks for a key code you will need to provide a key code at this time. Failure to do so could result in the flash talk reverting to a Flash Lite.

If anyone has any problems please feel free to call us at (800) 742-9126.

Welcome to our Website

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Welcome to our new website.  The website has been redesigned from the ground up and has lots of new features. We aim to constantly improve our website and look forward to providing more information to our customers on the web.

Some of the new changes that you can see are as follows.

New Shopping cart with features that include

1. Wish Lists

2. The Ability to ship to different addresses

3. Better account control

Also on our website there are several products now that have discounts listed.  For instance on the T7316E Phones if you buy 5 or more phones you get an automatic 5% discount.  This has been implemented for several products.

Customers will also have the ability to chat with Comtechphones CSRs during business hours.  Just click on the Live Support button.

Also there will be lots of tips on systems and phones listed on our blogs.  Email if you have any questions or would like any specific solutions.