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Changing the time on a Norstar Phone System

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

How to change the time on their Norstar Phone System.  The instructions are very easy and written below.

The programming needs to be done from a Norstar T7316E, Norstar M7310 or Norstar M7324.  If you require any of these phones has them all in stock.

To get into programming please do the following:

  1. Locate the  Feature Button (or Button with the Nortel Logo)
  2. Press Feature **266344 (The Star button is under the 7)
  3. The display will ask for a password.  Enter 23456
  4. You will see Terminals and Sets and two button on the right side of the phone will have lit up.  A button on the left will also have lit up.
  5. The top button on the right that has lit up is going to be labelled as SHOW.
  6. The second button on the right that has lit up is going to be labelled NEXT.
  7. When you see
  8. Press Next 5 times. (Top right button 5 times)
  9. Press SHOW. (Second right button once)
  10. When you see “Hour”, press “Change” on the display
  11. Type in the hour using military time as a 2 digit number.
  12. Press “NEXT”.
  13. When you see “Minutes”, press “Change”
  14. Type in the minutes using a 2 digit number.

That should allow you to change the Time on your Norstar Phone System.

Buying Phone Equipment

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Comtechphones is always looking to buy your old phone system.  Via our sister site we process requests for buying old phone system.  If  you company has recently upgraded their phone system don’t throw the old system away.  Recycle the system by selling it to Comtechphones.  We refurbish the equipment and resell it to customer thereby increasing the life of the product.

If you have a list you would like us to bid on please email it via this form.

Norstar M7310 $40.50

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

At Comtechphones we are always checking our prices to be very competitive.  One of our top sellers is the Norstar M7310 Phone which was Nortel Networks flagship phone for the Norstar line.  The Nortel M7310 has been discontinued but at Comtech we always have them in stock.

We currently have a special discount for the Norstar M7310.

When you buy 1o or more phones you get a 10% Discount on the price.  This brings the price of the M7310 phone to $40.50.

Below is a list of features of the Norstar M7310.

The Norstar M7310 phones, Model # NT8B20AE-03, NT8B20AE-35, NT8B20-93 have 10 programmable buttons and 24 Speed dial, direct dial buttons.

Norstar M7310 Phone

Norstar M7310 Phone $40.50

  • The 24 Speed Dial buttons are above the display as you can see on the picture.
  • The Norstar M7310 has a 2 line display with three buttons under need the display that are used for special functions such as voice mail or Caller Information.
  • The display will show Caller ID information if you have Caller ID on the system.
  • The Nortel M7310 has a speaker phone built into the phone.
  • It is support on all Norstar Systems and BCM Systems.

More information on the phone can be read from the Norstar M7310 User Guide.

To program Caller ID on a Norstar MICS/CICS

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Confirm that you have Caller ID (CLID) cards in the system, and that you have Caller ID signal from your service provider.

Caller ID is programmed on a per-set basis, so go into CONFIG programming. The first thing that will come up is TERMINALS AND SETS.

Press SHOW, the display will read SHOW SET. Enter the extension number that you want to enable the Called ID capability.

****Caller ID will not appear on phones that do not have ringing line appearances until the line is active on the set****

Press SHOW, the display will read LINE ACCESS, press NEXT three times. The display will read USER PREFERENCES.

Pres SHOW. The display will read MDL. Press NEXT three times. The display will read CALL LOG OPTIONS.

Press SHOW. The log options default as NO ONE ANSWERED. Change the option to read LOG ALL CALLS.

Press HEADING. The display will read USER PREFERENCES. Press NEXT two times. The display will read TELCO FEATURES.

Press SHOW. The display will read FEATURE ASSIGNMENT.

Press SHOW. The display will read SHOW LINE. Input the 3 digit line number (001) that you want to be able to display Called ID.

Press SHOW. The display will read CALLER ID SET. Set this option to Y.

****The step above must be applied for every line that is valid to the set, and cannot be applied to a line without ringing assigned****

Press HEADING twice. The display will read FEATURE ASSIGNMENT. Press NEXT. The display will read 1ST DISPLAY. Change this to your preference. Press NEXT. The display will read CALLED ID. Change this option to Y. Press NEXT. The display will read LOG SPACE.

Press SHOW. The display will read LOG 0   POOL 600 (or 250 CICS)

The Soft keys below the display will be labels ADD and REMOVE. Press the ADD soft key. Input the number of called numbers to be logged (I usually use 15 or 25).

****If you want to clean up the look of the display, turn on Static time and Date with Feature 806****

Difference between the Nortel Norstar M7310 and Nortel Norstar T7316E Phone?

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

There are several differences between the 2 Nortel phones. The simplest one is that the Nortel M7310 phone has 10 buttons which have indicators and the Nortel T7316E phone which has 16 buttons that have indicators.
With a software version of Norstar MICS/CICS 6.1 and higher and all BCM lines the T7316E allows a message light to light up when a voicemail message has been left.
Also the T7316E phone has a tilt up display.
Below are a few differences that Chad has written up.

The main differences between a Nortel M7310 telephone and a T7316e telephone become apparent when the system is a Norstar MICS or CICS with release 6.1 software or higher, or any level of BCM.
Below this level of software the T7316E emulates the M7310 Phone (and T7316 non-enhanced) in functionality, which means that the line positions must only be placed in a legacy format, which is the bottom 5 buttons on each column next to the LCD.
Above the Norstar 6.1 software, or on a BCM, the T7316E has these features in addition to the M7310 capabilities.
1. There is a message waiting indicator light on the top left corner of the display which lights when the user voicemail has an unheard message.
2. The middle button below the numeric keypad becomes active as the handsfree/speakerphone button, freeing a button location on the bottom right of the LCD column.
3. The mute button on the phone is capable of handset mute as well as microphone mute.
4. All 16 buttons along the vertical LCD are available as voice path positions.

Welcome to our Website

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Welcome to our new website.  The website has been redesigned from the ground up and has lots of new features. We aim to constantly improve our website and look forward to providing more information to our customers on the web.

Some of the new changes that you can see are as follows.

New Shopping cart with features that include

1. Wish Lists

2. The Ability to ship to different addresses

3. Better account control

Also on our website there are several products now that have discounts listed.  For instance on the T7316E Phones if you buy 5 or more phones you get an automatic 5% discount.  This has been implemented for several products.

Customers will also have the ability to chat with Comtechphones CSRs during business hours.  Just click on the Live Support button.

Also there will be lots of tips on systems and phones listed on our blogs.  Email if you have any questions or would like any specific solutions.