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Avaya 9608 IP Desktop Phone 700480585

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Announcing the NEW Avaya 9608!

Avaya 9608 IP Desktop Phone gives perfect functionality for individuals with daily use. The phone is one of the most efficient user friendly phones out there. The Avaya 9608 IP Desktop Phone is known for easy and reliable capabilities that give on- the-spot speed dial to increase better service. Avaya 9608 is known for its high quality communication, leverages enterprise IP Network to bring modern voice communications from headquarters. Avaya 9805 is supported to be applied in various business areas or home offices.

  • Avaya 9608 delivers high definition audio capacity that can decrease less probability to fatigue and a better chance of communication to numerous individuals. Two ways of usage is either through a handset or a headset.
  • With the basic design of a monochrome display of it self. There are 4 easy to use softkeys rectangle buttons and a regular user interface. Not to mention Avaya 9608 provide transfer, conference, and forwarding capabilities to incorporate a third party application through various company destinations.
  • Avaya 9608 notifies you through fast 8 Red/Green LEDs when a persons on another line or is on hold.
  • Increased improvement with a Ethernet port of a PC makes the system run accordingly. Accepting accessories included are Bluetooths and DECT Headsets (with adapter)
  • Avaya 9608 IP Desktop Phone is supplied with three 12 or 24 Button Expansion Modules that lets you function accordingly day to day. has the Avaya 9608 Brand new in stock @ $159.00

For further information please call (800) 742-9126.

Introducing the Avaya 9508

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Avaya 9508 Digital Phone 700500207 .

The Avaya 9508 Digital Deskphone provides excellent service to all different sized businesses that help companies be organized and function properly. Both Avaya 9500 and Avaya 9600 are developed to look alike, but different in certain aspects. The Avaya 9500 is known for adding digital endpoints to existing portfolios. The Avaya 9508 has a functional design, clear sound and many more features linked to the phone.

The New Avaya 9508 Digital Phone.

Here are some main components:

  • The Avaya 9508 is a very easy to use phone with only 8 programmable feature buttons that allow you access to three sections (levels) of display for a total of 24 button positions. Each of the buttons has a dual red-green LED which allows it to display it own footage.
  • In addition to the programmable buttons the Avaya 9508 also has 10 standard button which are fixed feature keys for common tasks such as contacts, history, message, speaker etc.
  • Avaya has a feature of a two-way speakerphone that function perfectly with any desired volume size.
  • The 9508 provides a headset jack that has both wired and wireless supply.
  • This phone can provide 8 lines with the total amount of 32 character display functions. Avaya 9508 has white backlit vision keys to easily access all the selected buttons.
  • The 4 way cluster has a circular feature that enables to press up down or across. When finished, hit OK. Above the cluster, we have 4 soft key components that allow you to make it easily speed up operations. has the Avaya 9508 Brand new in stock @ $189.00.

For further information please call (800) 742-9126.

June Discount Code

Monday, June 7th, 2010

The new June Discount code for our website is JUNE5%.  It will allow you to get a 5% discount off products on our website.

Norstar M7310 $40.50

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

At Comtechphones we are always checking our prices to be very competitive.  One of our top sellers is the Norstar M7310 Phone which was Nortel Networks flagship phone for the Norstar line.  The Nortel M7310 has been discontinued but at Comtech we always have them in stock.

We currently have a special discount for the Norstar M7310.

When you buy 1o or more phones you get a 10% Discount on the price.  This brings the price of the M7310 phone to $40.50.

Below is a list of features of the Norstar M7310.

The Norstar M7310 phones, Model # NT8B20AE-03, NT8B20AE-35, NT8B20-93 have 10 programmable buttons and 24 Speed dial, direct dial buttons.

Norstar M7310 Phone

Norstar M7310 Phone $40.50

  • The 24 Speed Dial buttons are above the display as you can see on the picture.
  • The Norstar M7310 has a 2 line display with three buttons under need the display that are used for special functions such as voice mail or Caller Information.
  • The display will show Caller ID information if you have Caller ID on the system.
  • The Nortel M7310 has a speaker phone built into the phone.
  • It is support on all Norstar Systems and BCM Systems.

More information on the phone can be read from the Norstar M7310 User Guide.

First Time User Discount Coupon

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

We are very excited with our new website. has be redesigned and new features have been implemented.  For everyone who reads this blog I have inserted a discount coupon that can be used with  your first time order.

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This coupon is valid until September 30-2010.

Thank you for your business.