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Buyer and seller of Refurbished old IP phones

Tuesday, December 26th, 2017

Refurbished old IP phones are a good option for small-scale businesses that want to cut on the costing on communication and portability. But there are a certain amount of risks regarding the usage of such phones as there is uncertainty regarding the accessibility of technical sustenance and the probable issues concerning warranty. Here are a set of points that might help you to decide whether it is worth using refurbished business phones or not.

The refurbished comtech phones do not necessarily contain a report of the previous ownership like a car. At max,

Avaya Phones

it provides a poor quality of calling facility and may conclude into dropped calls that can ultimately affect your business interest. Therefore, before opting for a refurbished business phone, always do your part of homework regarding the provider and be sure about the reliability of the source from which you are considering to make the purchase. The reputation and track record of the supposed distributor plays an important role here.


Technology comes with its own set of problems which usually gets disclosed gradually after a certain period of time. Newly manufactured always have excellent tech support who readily solves every problem regarding any technical faults readily; the refurbished ones usually lack any such support. This often results in a number of glitches, frustrated consumer and most importantly loss in production. The help and support from the supplier company only help a little in such a case. Therefore, finding a company is important that not only deals with refurbished Toshiba IP phones, but also provides required tech support afterwards.

Business phones are of several types. The new ones provide an extremely wide range of programs whereas the old and refurbished ones lack a lot in such field. Therefore, you should be utmost clear about your needs. Before buying such a phone you should assess thoroughly whether you need advanced programs or all you need is just the basic answering the queries. If your needs are basic, the old ones are just the perfect for you. But if you require an advanced program, you ought to go for the new ones.

Regardless the fact that whether the Avaya IP phones are new or old, they are user-friendly and easy to configure. The reconfiguration ensures the privacy matter, therefore, there is hardly any issue regarding taking up an old business phone system for your office. Many operators and providers come up with a designed business plan for the maintenance of such phones. Therefore as per the needs of the company, if bought from reliable source refurbished business phones can work greatly.

Introducing the Avaya 9508

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Avaya 9508 Digital Phone 700500207 .

The Avaya 9508 Digital Deskphone provides excellent service to all different sized businesses that help companies be organized and function properly. Both Avaya 9500 and Avaya 9600 are developed to look alike, but different in certain aspects. The Avaya 9500 is known for adding digital endpoints to existing portfolios. The Avaya 9508 has a functional design, clear sound and many more features linked to the phone.

The New Avaya 9508 Digital Phone.

Here are some main components:

  • The Avaya 9508 is a very easy to use phone with only 8 programmable feature buttons that allow you access to three sections (levels) of display for a total of 24 button positions. Each of the buttons has a dual red-green LED which allows it to display it own footage.
  • In addition to the programmable buttons the Avaya 9508 also has 10 standard button which are fixed feature keys for common tasks such as contacts, history, message, speaker etc.
  • Avaya has a feature of a two-way speakerphone that function perfectly with any desired volume size.
  • The 9508 provides a headset jack that has both wired and wireless supply.
  • This phone can provide 8 lines with the total amount of 32 character display functions. Avaya 9508 has white backlit vision keys to easily access all the selected buttons.
  • The 4 way cluster has a circular feature that enables to press up down or across. When finished, hit OK. Above the cluster, we have 4 soft key components that allow you to make it easily speed up operations. has the Avaya 9508 Brand new in stock @ $189.00.

For further information please call (800) 742-9126.