Are Used Business Telephone Systems A Good Deal?


Refurbished business telephone systems are considered as a viable option for businesses who want to save on cost. Well, is it? Undeniably, used telephone systems involve certain kind of risk, pertaining to wear and tear, availability of technical support and warranty issues. There’s a lot to mull over before we can conclude whether refurbished phone system is worth it.Let us take a look at some of the things that should be considered before buying a refurbished business telephone system.

Consider the prior ownership

The used business telephones do not necessarily have a report about prior ownership, unlike a car. There is no telling what the issues are and technical glitches the system has. There are possibilities that used telephones can result in poor call quality or dropped calls which in turn will affect your business operations. While you decide on purchasing a refurbished phone system, look for a trusted source, reliable distributor. It is also important to do your homework, such as look at reviews or find out track record of the seller to ensure that they offer quality business telephone systems.


Considering support, warranty and replacement parts

Used telephone system, more often than not, does not come with a warranty, especially if it is an older model. Manufacturers have ceased to provide warranty or produce parts for older models.In such cases, the overall cost will be more when you take into account the money you spend on services, repairs and replacement parts. While purchasing a refurbished business telephone system, ask for the manufacturing year of the equipment and enquire whether the necessary parts are available in market. Reputable manufacturersor distributors, however, offer limited warranty, at least for a year.


The tech support

Technology has its own stories which unfold gradually and it’s matter of time that you would require help from the equipment manufacturer. You might need technical support to resolve issues about your phone systems. Unlike a new business telephone system, the refurbished ones do not often have technical support team. This can lead to several glitches, irate customers and result in loss of productivity. You can do away with the negative impact by getting in touch with the vendor who can offer you post-sales support in case any unexpected issues arise.


Consider the phone functionalities

Before buying a phone system, you should realize your business needs and the kind of features and functions you will want in your business telephone system. The older models will definitely lack the robust and advanced features when compared to the new system, but then, you must consider whether you simply need a system that allows you to take and answer calls or you need advanced digital tools such as presence managers or voicemail or email functions. Business phones are of different types and there are gamut of features that the newer systems have advanced features that brings in loads of functionalities enabling businesses to effectively manage and streamline their business communication.



Regardless of whether the business telephone system is old or new, it should be easy to configure and must be user-friendly. A refurbished system can sometimes bring forth some kind of privacy issue if not configured properly, for instance, it can still use the VOIP system of its previous owner. While the refurbished system can be reconfigured, if it is not possible, getting the new system is the only option which can be an expensive proposition.


The factor of cost saving on a refurbished business telephone system can be useful but then, you also need to consider the cost of technical services, replacements and repair costs. Purchasing a used business telephone can be a good deal when you are looking to cut down cost but you can multiply the benefits when you purchase the system from a certified vendor who can offer you maintenance and service packages for post-sale assistance.

Refurbished phone systems that come with a monthly maintenance or service plan is the best overall deal you can grab. There are many suppliers and vendors that focus on selling used equipment in the same scale as the newer ones. VoIP system manufacturers are yet to tap the refurbished market and price of the used VoIP equipment has not dropped low enough to make a large difference. Simply put, buying used or refurbished business phones can bring in significant benefit and value when it is bought from a reliable and certified vendor.

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