An Insight on Nortel IP Phone Systems

Nortel Networks Corporation or Nortel has been a well-known multinational telecommunications and data networking equipment manufacturer. Out of the horde of Nortel products, the most successful one has been Nortel IP Phone systems that came with a range of advanced features.


IP phones use voice over Internet Protocol technology that enables users to make and receive calls over an IP thus eliminating the need of traditional public switched telephone network.It goes without saying that all models of Nortel IP telephones come with the essential features including loudspeaker, microphone and caller ids that enable users to initiate conference calls with ease. The IP phone systems also allow users to send text messages and emails and you can navigation buttons in keypads to move onto different menu(s). The IP phone systems use state of the art technology that renders advanced options like unmatched hands-free option,high resolution LCD, 360-degree room coverage etc.


There is a wide range of models available under Nortel IP Phone systems. In the following paragraphs, we have listed down some of the popular series of IP Phones that have garnered popularity owing to the advanced features.


Nortel 1100 Series

Nortel 1100 Series Phones

The 1100 Series has a sleek look and ergonomic design, powered with advanced technologies such as high resolution back light, monochrome grey scale pixel, graphical display, support for data and web based applications, Universal Serial Bus peripheral support for better user navigation, an integrated phone switch with Gigabit Ethernet PC and LAN ports, Bluetooth, audio gateway supporting Bluetooth headsets that facilitate enhanced mobility and more.


Nortel 1200 Series

Nortel 1200 Series Phones


1200 Series, upon its release, lapped up popularity for being one of the exciting lines of IP phones. Nortel 1200 IP telephone is a cost-effective IP desk set offering specifically optimized with values and features. The series of IP Phones included multiple soft keys, integrated speakerphone, high-end audio-quality technology, headset support and an integrated Ethernet switch for single desktop wiring. The best part of Nortel 1200 Series is its flexibility of customization as per advanced requirement of the users.


Nortel i2000 Series


Nortel i2000 Series Phones

The VoIP phone that is packed with cutting-edge technology, has truly been one of its kind. The i2000 series is compatible with a huge range of Nortel phone system platforms. Its ergonomic design, top quality hands-free speakerphone and character-based displays make it stand out in the crowd.


Nortel i2000 Series VoIP Phones (legacy)

Nortel i2000 Series VoIP Phones


This series represent the next generation of business IP phones, yet is cost-effective. Specially optimized features add to the series’ credibility. Top notch design, advanced features, high quality hands-free speakerphone and character-based displays are the features that make this series an exclusive one!


If you have been in need of a reliable and stylish IP telephony system, look no further. Nortel offers a wide range of telephony system that serves unique purpose. Ergonomically design, cost effective and easy to set up – all these features contribute to add credibility to the Nortel IP telephones.

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