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Evolution of VoIP Telephony Systems

Monday, September 29th, 2014

Advent of Internet has leveraged newer technologies to flourish, thus creating substantial revenue base for¬†business organizations around the world. This aspect is more evident in the telecommunication arena, wherein VoIP changed the entire dynamics, diminishing the use of circuit switched telephony systems and thus improving quality of service and streamlining business communication module. In telecommunication industry, Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP, is considered as one of the most outstanding technological inventions that has re-defined the meaning of effortless business communication. (more…)

History of PBX Telephony System and Evolution of VoIP

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

Telephone is one invention that opened a wide world of communication. From the business perspective, telephone systems have become the most potential and effective tool for communication. Telephony systems have evolved in tandem with the gradual technological advancements. With the buildup from KSU (Key System Unit) and KSU-Less systems to PBX telephone systems and finally VoIP systems, business communication has ameliorated enterprises in streamlining their operational activities. The small and mid-sized business houses started deriving benefits from the additional medium of communication that connected them totheir clients and branch offices. In this post, we will discuss about PBX telephone system that has been supporting business communication since some fifty years.