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Avaya 9641G

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

The Avaya 9641G IP Telephone is the new and advanced touch screen display phone out in the market today for business and corporations. Its larger graphical display is very easy to generate with easy-to-use functions. The Avaya Flare™ Experience also went on board to contribute the color for the screen; it lets the user get customized colors and faceplates. Avaya 9641G IP Telephone has up to three to 12 or 24 Button Expansion Modules. The phone is very similar to an iphone or ipod but instead great for businesses.

Avaya Flare™ Experience likes to show the users its functions:

Microsoft Outlook Integration:

This program has about 250 contacts that can be put in the directory. It’s just like a phonebook that lets you scroll down and see who the user would like to call.

Consolidated Phonebook/Call-IM History:

This feature is to have recent 6 contacts out of those 250 phone numbers. It also lets you view all the history of each call.

 Avaya Aura® Conferencing:

6 more functions are added on to contact someone by using the touch screen; some are which to add contacts, or drop calls, even have calls on hold, perhaps to partake in conference calls or to send out IM’s when then those are taking place.

Instant Messaging is associated with Avaya Flare Experience, it helps support pre-functions such as (e.g., “I’m on a call, I will call you back.”).

Supports the following languages:

Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Dutch, English, Canadian French, Parisian French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese (Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana), Korean, Latin American Spanish, Castilian Spanish, and Russian.

Key Features on the screen for Avaya 9641G IP Telephone:

– Phone apps

– World clock

– Weather

– Calendar

– My pictures

– Search section

– Office

Many more 24 programmable button features are contributed for the Avaya 9641G IP Telephone. Contacts, home and history is all in one row.

The messages and phone button are on the LEFT/RIGHT sides for the Avaya 9641G IP Telephone. Messages is to receive messages when the user was away and the phone button is to get back to the individual call instead of speaker or conference.

Avaya 9641G IP Telephone has three buttons on the far left side that are featured to be; forward, which the user can distribute the call to someone else, headset is for individual use, and clear sounding speakerphone. 

Basic 12 key buttons is provided for individual use, one button at a time to call.

Lastly, a dual button volume button key is great when the user wants to lower or higher the sound whether on a speaker phone on the handset or headset. Mute button is to silence the call on the other end for any period of time.

Avaya 9620L IP Telephone

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

The Avaya 9620L IP Telephone is created for a day to day usage for any potential user. There is a large variety of communicative tools which have e-mail and IM. The Avaya 9620L IP Telephone  is also called the Avaya one‑X Desk phone. There are 30 buttons in total on the Avaya 9620 IP Telephone that include a wide range of features.

The screen display is the main feature of the Avaya 9620L IP Telephone, its modern and professional design indicate customized display screen saver images and custom face plates with company logos. What you would see on the screen is the “missed call indicator” (“message waiting initiator located on the far right corner) the time and date. There 3 red circular light labels of the main display and can be controlled by the up and down arrow keys to scroll the display for the callers.

What’s really special about this phone is that there is a USB port, it logs the user in and allows users to speech dial any of the up to 250 personal contacts supported by the Avaya 9620 IP Telephone.

The Avaya 9620L IP Telephone has a specific purpose when it comes to managing the 4 soft keys; it has buttons that involve the hold key which lets the person on the other end to be placed on hold for a certain time. Conference button is another feature included as well as the transfer and drop buttons.

In the middle of the Avaya 9620L IP Telephone, there are buttons that indicate all types of navigations; first we have a black circle button with an envelope symbol which represents messages. It lets users collect all the missed messages from pervious times; they can be skipped, saved or deleted with the help of the navigation arrows. One more button that’s important is the phone circular button sign.

Avaya 9620L IP Telephone has buttons that resemble the contract key as well as the menu and a call log buttons in the same row. Contacts represent all the listings of people available to call, menu has the capability to search what the user wants to look for and last but not least the call log, it lets anyone track all the calls that were made.

12 main buttons are included in the Avaya 9620L IP Telephone which helps dial individually a new number.

Avaya 9620L IP Telephone has a speakerphone button the far left corner of the phone that provides crystal clear sound and eliminating background noise. Its main purpose is for conference calls and group conversations.

On bottom row, three more existing buttons are included with the Avaya 9620L IP Telephone . First is the Mute key that has the capability to shut off any sound of the call, second is the volume which is a duel combined button that lets the user hear loud or low sounds while on the call. Lastly there’s a headset that supports one on one conversations.

Toshiba DP5032-SD

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

The Toshiba DP5032-SD has a modern look that is generally useful for receptionists, home offices, department stores and other business that want the best phone for there everyday operations. If 10 programmable keys are not enough, 20 duel sided on the right are programmable keys can be arranged for any preferred contacts. Total features that are compiled are 24 keys that can be navigated for the user preference. The Toshiba DP5032-SD provides full a LCD display which helps the user be aware of the date, time and number or caller on the lit screen, the 4 keys support these navigations.

Below the last 4 keys of the Toshiba DP5032-SD is a speed dial button that supplies the user to make a fast action phone call to another party. Redial is in the same/row section that delivers contacting a person that was lastly places. Toshiba DP5032-SD has not only one, but two features on one button that’s considered to be the conference/transfer single key. The conference/transfer supports a greater purpose because it can be shifted to another group or individual of the call. Toshiba DP5032-SD can not be missed by its bright red color button meaning “hold”, this key has the capability to place the person on the line for short periods of time.

Three keys closest to the receiver are the ones that are very meaningful to the Toshiba DP5032-SD. One has a function to gather present and saved messages, the other gray colored two buttons are functioning as microphone keys to talk into and last but not least the speakerphone. The speakerphone of the Toshiba DP5032-SD is well known for its crystal clear sound for group meetings.

Toshiba DP5032-SD also has a basic12 manual buttons system that lets the user have the option to dial one key at a time for calls.

Toshiba DP5032-SD is entirely compatible with CIX Toshiba Digital Phone Systems, for a bonus a tilt stand is provided for support. has the Toshiba DP5032-SD

For further information please call (800) 742-9126.

Toshiba DP 5022-SDM

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

The Toshiba DP 5022-SDM is mainly used for receptionist stations, home offices, department stores and many other operations and businesses. The prime functionality of the Toshiba DP 5022-SDM is that it has 22 keys and 10 programmable buttons which let’s the user program any contract for fast act calls.

LCD lighting is a very clear screen that provides the date, time and caller at that time on the Toshiba DP 5022-SDM. The 4 button keys help with the screen programming system.

Toshiba DP 5022-SDM has a key that resembles messages, which has the function to let the user know who has called that day, and pervious saved calls. Another button that’s important on this phone is the microphone that can have the capability to speak into the feature and respond back to the caller. Toshiba’s DP 5022-SDM speakerphone is very good when it comes to group conversations and in sync with the volume control buttons that lets the user maneuver its tone with this feature.

12 digit keys are a given when it comes to any Toshiba phone, they can be individually pressed for its calling destination, pawned and number key included.

For a faster function, speed dial is best key to use. Another feature on the Toshiba DP 5022-SDM is redial which enables the user to get back to the person last spoken too.

Conference/transfer is all around a perfect button when it comes to alternating calls. Below all three buttons is a hold key that has the functionality to place the other user on the line, and not be heard at that time. 

When the Toshiba DP 5022-SDM is purchased on our website, the tilt stand is highly useful for the Toshiba DP 5022-SDM. Additional fit forming modules is the Toshiba Digital Family of CIX Phone Systems, (for CIX40 only). has the Toshiba DP 5022-SDM

For further information please call (800) 742-9126.

Toshiba DP5022-SD

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Toshiba DP5022-SD is perfect for providing call centers, improving communications at office departments or for supplying the Toshiba DP5022-SD for receptionist stations. Toshiba DP5022-SD is a very versatile phone that lets users have the convenience to have 10 touch tone administrative keys, which are located on the far right section of the phone. What’s great about the Toshiba DP5022-SD phone is that there’s a wide rectangular backlit LCD display bright enough to see in the dimmest of light, it has the capability to manually use the 4 line soft keys with additional 24 character keys. This phone is designed to not only be easy to use but very high in quality.

On the far left of the Toshiba DP5022-SD there are three basis functionality buttons which are messaging with the little envelope symbol, below we have a microphone button and of course a clear sounding speakerphone (with or without integrated headset). The volume button has a  ability to demonstrate high or low sounds on either the receiver or speakerphone.

Toshiba DP5022-SD has 12 button everyday functions, not only that, speed dial creates a faster call, redial obtains the call back and conference/transfer and has the capacity to switch over to another individual or in any department, office or residence.

On the bottom of the Toshiba DP5022-SD, there is a button that is not missed by its bright red color; its capability is to hold, whether the call was made on the receiver or speakerphone.

Accessory wise, there’s only one, which is the tilt stand, highly useful when the user would like to look at the Toshiba DP5022-SD face forward. Compatible modules are Toshiba CIX Phone System that functions perfectly on the Toshiba DP5022-SD. has the Toshiba DP5022-SD

For further information please call (800) 742-9126.

Toshiba DP DP5018-S

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Toshiba DP DP5018-S is an efficient phone that’s best suited for conference meetings, office environments and receptionist stations. This Toshiba DP DP5018-S phone is a non-LCD display, but it has other great functionalities to substitute. One of the best things about the Toshiba DP DP5018-S is that it has 22 key location keys, including the main features that are 10 one touch buttons for any contact the user prefers to any destination. Simple 2 incoming lines let the individual know what call needs to be taken next.

Toshiba DP DP5018-S has many convenient keys that are included such as the messaging button on the left that has the functionality that deceives messages. Two other buttons that are placed in the far left section are mainly the microphone key which anyone can speak into. Most importantly the speakerphone feature is great for group environment meetings.

Volume controls create a high and low sounding feature that is one key on the Toshiba DP DP5018-S. In the middle of the entire phone, there at 12 digit buttons that can be dialed individually.

When it comes to the speed dial button, it’s a one touch tone way of contacting someone in just a flash. The redial key on the Toshiba DP DP5018-S phone makes it easy to contact the same person that was lost on a line. One more feature on the same row is the conference/transfer which lets anyone have the ability to switch to another call or department.

The very bottom on this phone is a red hold button that makes it easy for the user to have the person on the other line be waiting for just a moment on the Toshiba DP DP5018-S phone.

Two more details about the Toshiba DP DP5018-S phone is that there is a tilt stand to uplift the phone for the individuals preference, not to mention a Toshiba CIX Business Phone Systems that’s compatible with this phone. has the Toshiba DP DP5018-S

For further information please call (800) 742-9126.

Toshiba DP5132-SD

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

The Toshiba DP5132-SD is a great phone that is generally created for corporations, offices, receptionists, businesses and home offices. Located on the far right of the Toshiba DP5132-SD.  Toshiba DP5132-SD phone has 20 programmable features that can be set to any contacts. LCD lighting is normally useful for changing the date, time and caller, also included with 4 black button line keys to program these functions.

To the far left keys, one that’s established is the message key, it resembles getting calls back that have been saved and could be deleted if preferred. On the bottom of the Toshiba DP5132-SD the microphone is very significant because it has the ability to be heard through the call. The speakerphone enables the free will to have every individual hear the conversation.

This fixed key also known as volume is very beneficial, its one of the key sources to making this phone a well quality phone that has the ability for high sounds or low sounds. Toshiba DP5132-SD commonly has12 key buttons that are used for one by one touch dials.

The Toshiba DP5132-SD has a speed dialing system which empowers to have the capacity that quickly takes the call as soon as possible. The redial key is when the user needs to be dialed back. Toshiba DP5132-SD provides a conference/transfer button which can be used to switch calls at anytime as well as have call meetings.

Finally the fixed red button is the hold key that lets the user be waited on for a few minuets. There is a sound signal that “beeps” every few minuets to notify the user.

Handset, cord and tilt cord is also included for the Toshiba DP5132-SD. Toshiba CIX Phone Systems provides a great system that works on this phone compatibility. has the Toshiba DP5132-SD

For further information please call (800) 742-9126.

Toshiba DP5130-SDL

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

The Toshiba DP5130-SDL is a multi-purpose phone which enables many functions for businesses, large or small or other corporations. There are a total of 20 flashing programmable keys that have plenty of functions such as, the name of the caller, date, time, number of call and many more features that 9-lines are included. Toshiba DP5130-SDL has 4 black buttons on the bottom of the phone which have a purpose to program any function for the screen.

Three main features on the far left provide a message system which has the capacity to retrieve as many messages as it can handle. The 12 button keys help with that whether the user would like to save or delete the message. Microphone is also a key which that is super useful when the individual would like to talk to caller through the microphone. Toshiba DP5130-SDL has a non full duplex speakerphone which is nevertheless still in perfect sound, and great hearing benefits.

Toshiba DP5130-SDL is very useful when it comes to the speed dial button, it provides quick dialing to get to call back that was once lost or hung up. Redial is perfect when retrieving the same call lastly placed. Toshiba DP5130-SDL has a conference/transfer key that is very useful that has the ability to switch over to another caller and if for preference it can be a conference call too for group meetings.

The Toshiba DP5130-SDL has amazing clear volume control, for levels of high and low. This phone has only one key that’s red, and it’s the hold button, it lets the user have the sound signal to “beep” then the call is on hold.

Accessories for the Toshiba DP5130-SDL are easy to attract, they are the receiver, curly cord and of course the tilt stand for better viewing pleasure.

Toshiba CIX Digital Business Telephone Systems is apart of the Toshiba DP5130-SDL, it lets the phone work smoothly and efficiently. has the Toshiba DP5130-SDL

For further information please call (800) 742-9126.

Toshiba DP5130-FSDL

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Toshiba DP5130-FSDL is especially unique when it comes to the 9-line LCD screen that comes with 20 programmable buttons. Each of the 10 buttons are located on the sides of the LCD screen. The main reason it is so large, it functions as a speakerphone conference call controller. Its general motivate is to hold the call, start the recording option and more. This phone is generally used for in home office business, large department stores and other corporations. These buttons have a main purpose to activate the time, date, caller, extensions and a compete address book ect. Toshiba DP5130-FSDL is supplied with 4 back lit buttons that lets the user have clear visibility.

The everyday numeric 12 buttons are on the Toshiba DP5130-FSDL help the user dial a key one by one.

On the very bottom of this Toshiba DP5130-FSDL phone is a message button which has the compactly to gain any messages from any day. Microphone lets the user be efficient when it comes to speaking into the round mic that is located on the far left under the receiver. Toshiba DP5130-FSDL has the best speakerphone that lets the caller hear and talk through crystal clear.

In the middle, below the number 0 is a button that never fails when getting a call back in a faster pace, this key is called speed dial. Toshiba DP5130-FSDL’s redial key gets the call back. Conference/transfer has the function to switch over that certain call or to make it a group conversation.

Toshiba DP5130-FSDL phone has is one volume key, but duel components. High level sounding or low level sounds are great when speaking into the receiver or the speakerphone for this feature.  Last but not least, the one touch feature key that’s the brightest is the hold button which lets the individual on the other end be waiting for a few min when returning back.

This Toshiba DP5130-FSDL phone has a few accessories that need to be mentioned that are included, which are; cord, tilt stand and the handset, and a little perk is to have 2 microphones instead of the usual one.

Toshiba CIX Digital Business Telephone Systems is provided to make the Toshiba DP5130-FSDL phone better for its user. has the Toshiba DP5130-FSDL

For further information please call (800) 742-9126.

Toshiba Digital DP5122-SD

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

The Toshiba Digital DP5122-SD phone is a very well rounded phone to fit any business needs. This phone version is reliable when it comes to fast dialing which provides 10 programmable buttons on the far right section of the Toshiba Digital DP5122-SD. 4-line Backlit buttons are included with an LCD screen on the very top on the Toshiba Digital DP5122-SD phone. A total of 24 character keys have been provided on the Toshiba Digital DP5122-SD that has different and supplied functions.

The red rectangular button on the bottom has a feature which is useful when placing someone on hold for a certain about of time. The mute button is another function on the Toshiba Digital DP5122-SD which has the ability to be a silent feature.

In a row of the Toshiba Digital DP5122-SD phone, below one of the soft phones there is a speed dial button which provides a fast action dial to get the call back. In the same section, redial has a similar function, but in this case it lets the caller receive the other call back with out the speed feature. Conference/transfer is great when the caller would like to switch to a different call or to have a switched to a different individual.

12 basic buttons on the middle of the phone is useful that provides one by one dialing for any call. The star and number key are contributed on the sides.

The last buttons of the Toshiba Digital DP5122-SD are first the message key which has the user gain messages from pervious days or that same day. Microphone is a function which allows the individual to speak in the phone so the other user on the other end can be heard. Toshiba Digital DP5122-SD is supplied with speakerphone capabilities which lets everyone be heard for group meetings. Volume control is great when switching the pitch of the sound, high to low.

Other accessories supplied on the Toshiba Digital DP5122-SD is a handset, cored, headsets and a tilt stand.

This Toshiba Digital DP5122-SD phone has the CIX Digital Business Telephone Systems that is very useful and compatible. has the Toshiba Digital DP5122-SD

For further information please call (800) 742-9126.