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Toshiba Phones CTX/CIX Keycode Generation information

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Toshiba CIX phone systems increase their functionality using generated key code license upgrades. In order to have these license codes generated, a vendor must submit the following information about the CIX system:

1. What type of System it is – example: CIX40, CIX100, CIX 670, or CIX1200

2. The serial number of the System Processor – This is an 8 digit Alphanumeric beginning with the letter “T”

3. The Software Revision of the CIX that is resident on the system Processor.

4. The MAC address of the processor.

All of this information is easily accessible by your Emanager software, though the location differs depending on weather you are using the Emanager or Network Emanager.

To find the necessary information if you are using Emanager version 5.10 or below, you will find the software revision on the very first page that you see when you connect to the CIX. This will be a Gray screen that has the heading “About Emanager” at the top. This gives both the revision of the Emanager program that you are using (not needed for licensing), and the Software revision of the CIX (needed for licensing).

The rest of the internal information can be found under Advanced configuration / Utilities / Operations / MAC address. you will see headings for both MAC address and Serial number here.

The Easiest way to determine the system type is of course to go look at the cabinet and processor, though you can look in the Advanced configuration / Utilities / Licensing / License info and there is a heading for “System Type”.

June Discount Code

Monday, June 7th, 2010

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